Sunday, 7 January 2018

I am the very model of a stable genius President
I’m dealing with the Mexicans, both illegal and resident
I’m mentally quite awesome and physically very fit. it!
And only tweet pure bile at two am whilst watching Fox and shit...

I’m riding on the coat tails of Obama’s 8 illustrious years
Whilst ranting poisoned crap to excite republican’s deepest fears
Promoting racist feelings get the public quite irate again.
Oh...damn. Great Again. Got it!
My jingoistic slogan is Let’s Make The Us Great Again!

In previous life I was the most renowned scumbag on the TV
My go-to phrase is well known now, just grab the girls by the pussy
My wife’s imported. She is pretty hot. You know, like Ivanka. it!
Yet worldwide now I’m mainly known at that fat orange old wanker.

I’m quite untouchable, if you don’t count the times that I’ve been sued
And now my buddy Steve has slagged me off, that’s really very rude.
The press are all against me now, they say I’m such a liar.
I’m not. I’M NOT! Can someone tell me why my Pants are now on fire?

I don’t know what I’m doing, I’ve been thrown completely for a loop.
I’m stood here with a fork. Turns out the whole damned world is made of soup.
My friends are all indicted, running scared or really Russian moles
My life was so much easier when I just went out playing 18 holes.

But still in spite of facts and things that are quite clearly evident
I am the very model of a stable genius President

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