Friday, 4 February 2011


As I was out a'walking,
One morning, on my own,
I saw it standing, talking
Upon a mobile phone.

I blinked my eyes in wonder,
I gasped. I was surprised.
That a herpestidae
Had been anthropomorphised.

He saw me watching closely.
I gave a little groan:
I didn't want attention.
He signed "I'm on the 'phone"

I nodded, feeling foolish,
As he chatted to his friend,
And came to the conclusion,
I'd gone clean round the bend.

And then, to my astonishment,
He waved, hung up the phone.
And gestured rather nervously.
"I say! Are you alone?"

I nodded the affirmative.
"Well Hi! My name is Harvey,
And I'm looking for my cousin.
Do you know Riki Tiki Tavi?"

"Oh! Do you like Kipling?"
I asked, somewhat in awe.
"Dunno, I've never Kippled...
Oh, you've heard that one before"

"I meant," I said, trying again,
"Do you like Rudyard Kipling?"
He grinned. "I've only Kippled softly,
Since I were but a stripling"

I'm afraid to say right there I snapped.
Being out-punned by a stoat,
Was more than any man should bear.
So I punched him in the throat.

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  1. Anyone who tries to get "anthropomorphized" to scan in an A-B-C-B rhyme scheme gets full marks in my book.